Finrod Limited is a commercial exporting company with many years of experience of dealing with Documentary Credits or Letters of Credit (LC). In order to encourage other companies to export, we offer a bespoke and confidential Export Documentation Service whereby we prepare or supervise the preparation of all documents specified by the LC. These will normally cover the following:

  1. The Bill of Lading (B/L) or airway bill (AWB)
  2. Freight Invoice
  3. Commercial Invoice
  4. Packaging List
  5. Certificate of Origin
  6. Certificate of Insurance
  7. Certificate of Inspection

Documents prepared by us go through a fine checking system to ensure that they all fully comply with the terms and requirements of the LC.

We can also arrange for certification and embassy legalisation of any of the above documents where necessary. If your company is based outside of the UK, we would courier documents to you with detailed instructions of how to process the remaining steps. As part of the export consultancy service, we offer to help with the preparation of the pro forma invoice on the basis of which the LC will be opened by the buyer. Importantly when the LC is first advised, we would check it to ensure that it is actionable and has no flaws.

We will ensure that you can sleep easily at night and have no worries about receiving the payment for your exports.