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To contact us, please email, phone, or send fax/letter to:

Finrod Limited
The Ridge
Little Baddow
CM3 4SA,

Tel: 01245 221 564 (From abroad: +44 1245 221 564)
Fax: 01245 222 816 (From abroad: +44 1245 222 816)

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Information Required

When preparing your requirements please supply as much of the following information as possible:

  1. Name of the manufacturer of the equipment for which spares are needed and any contact details you have for them.
  2. (For Machines) Details of model type, serial number and year of manufacture.
  3. (For Parts) Accurate description of the item and if possible its part number and or drawing.
  4. Report any markings on the item itself as this often enables us to obtain the parts from its manufacturer rather than the equipment supplier, which makes it cheaper for you.
  5. State the quantity required of each item.
  6. A technical drawing or photo of the tooling or part.
  7. (For chemicals, lubricants, or oils etc) Please give full details of the product and any alternative that may be acceptable.
  8. Information on the end use of the item (what you wish to achieve) is extremely useful - as we may be able to suggest a new alternative and cheaper solution.