Areas of Expertise

Spare Parts

We are able to supply spares for machine tools and ancillary equipment of almost any manufacturer from UK, USA, Europe and Japan etc. In general we would need the following information to be able to source accurately: manufacturer's name, model, serial number and application of the machine.

We are also able to quote for spare parts for Forging and Foundry applications and their ancillary equipment.


We can supply anything from simple hand tools to machine tool parts, systems and gauging.


We are able to locate new or refurbished machine tools, presses and equipment. If required we can arrange for refurbishment of your current unit so that the equipment can become more efficient at a fraction of ‘New’ prices.

Plant and Equipment

We are able to source almost anything required by engineering manufacturing plants. From simple tools to process and control equipment and on line gauging and parts. Besides mechanical engineering environments, we supply the paper, chemical and petrochemical industries.

Chemicals and Lubricants

We can supply raw material, lubrication and cutting fluids and oils, process chemicals, heat-treatment materials and catalysts, etc